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Did you know that having an ATM in your business can make a significant difference in your sales? An ATM customer will spend 15% more than a non-ATM customer in a convenience store, and an even higher percentage than that in a restaurant, bar or nightclub setting. In fact, some customers will come to a store or other place of business purely to use the ATM: People like to use the same ATMs repeatedly, so your business will be “on the map” for these shoppers!

There are many more advantages to having an ATM on your premises, and a lot of them can save you money as well as making you money. With our ATM Machines for sale program, you no longer need to accept checks, and you save yourself the percentage you would have to pay for every credit card transaction when more of your customers are able to pay with cash. Plus, just the surcharge revenue from your ATM alone should allow it to pay for itself within about six months!

Explore Your Options with Cash Machine Purchase and Placement Programs

Choose your wireless ATM machines from one of the major ATM manufacturers, including Hyosung, Tranax/Hantle, and Triton. We’ll go over the program options available to you, from 100% ownership of your ATM, to free placement if your business is in a high-traffic area.

If you’re already in the ATM business and want better processing and service we invite you to contact us so one of our ATM specialists can show you the benefits of our processing. We also have customers who don’t own a business but get permission to place their ATMs in a business owned by someone else — benefiting both the ATM owner and the business owner. And we are looking for distributors to act on behalf of ATM Money Machine.

Make money and get customers to spend more cash in your business — it’s a win-win proposition, and ATM Money Machine can help you get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the Benefits of Having An ATM In Your Business?

Having an ATM in your business has endless benefits. By having an ATM in your business, you can reduce or eliminate credit card fees. The average ATM customer will spend a substantial portion of the money dispensed from your ATM with your business.

ATM users are habit-driven, often using the same ATM repeatedly, bringing repeat customers back into your business. ATM machines bring customers to your business so that they may access the ATM. ATMS provides ultimate convenience to your customers.

Having an ATM machine saves your business from having to take checks. When you have an ATM machine, you can eliminate credit card charge backs. Having an ATM generates income with every transaction.

ATMs attract more customers, increases sales, and reduces bad check losses to zero.

What is the best ATM machine to buy?

We carry all the major manufacturers of ATMs. We sell Hyosung, Genmega, and Triton models. We carry stand alone machines, wall mount ATM machines, and through the wall ATMs. Each business is unique, and therefore the specific type of machine we suggest will depend on the business.

Who is responsible for regular maintenance?

The ATM owner is responsible for regular maintenance.

How much is a used ATM machine?

Used machines vary in price from $1,400-1,700 depending on the model.

Why have an ATM? Is owning an ATM a good investment?

Of course! ATM Machines are low cost with high returns. Even with debit and credit cards, cash will always be king. With the increasing costs for businesses to take debit and credit cards, many businesses are looking for an alternative to taking plastic. Rather than paying someone a percent of your sales, why not make money and have cash being spent in your business. Having an ATM machine in your business not only will save you the money you spend on credit card processing, but you also make money off of having an ATM machine in your business! When you purchase or lease an ATM machine from ATM Money Machine, you get to select your surcharge amount. Every time a customer uses your ATM machine, you keep the surcharge revenue profits. Your customers can make withdrawals on your ATM by using a debit card or a credit card, and can also check their balances on the ATM. You get to select what denomination you use in your ATM. ATM machines are also a draw into your business. If someone walks by your business, they may come in just to use your ATM machine. When the customer takes money out of your ATM machine, the cash retention rate is 35-40%. That makes that someone using your ATM machine will spend 35-40% of the money they just took out of the ATM machine and spend it inside your business. You’re bringing in new customers to your business all thanks to your ATM machine! Also, by having an ATM machine inside your business, you’re eliminating the risk of having credit card charge backs. Rather than accepting checks, and running the risk of them bouncing, you can have your customers use your ATM machine. This way, you don’t loose the customer and gain cash without the risk! ATM machines are very easy to work, and we set you up with a technician to train you on how to work all aspects of the ATM. If you’re having any problems with your ATM machine, we have a 24/7 technical support line to help you with any ATM related problems. Worried about time management? It only takes about 3 minutes from start to finish to stock an ATM machine with cash. ATM machines require very little time. In total, about 10 minutes a month would be necessary to be spent on your ATM machine. You can make thousands of dollars a month with only 10 minutes of work by having an ATM machine! We also offer signage for your ATM machine to bring more people into your business to use your ATM. We handle all the processing of your ATM machine! You simply purchase or lease the ATM, and collect the monthly surcharge revenue profits off of the ATM machine. We have customers making thousands of dollars a month by having an ATM machine, and that doesn’t even include the new cash spending inside their business.