ATM Money Machine Cannabis

Full-Service Solution at Zero Cost To You.

We Provide
the ATM(s)

ATM Money Machine will install 1-3 brand new, state-of-the-art ATM(s) at each location.

We Supply The
Cash To The ATM

ATM Money Machine will provide all the funds to the ATM(s).

We Monitor The
ATM(s) 24/7

ATM Money Machine monitors the ATM(s) 24/7 to ensure they are fully operational at all times.

Do you need an ATM for your cannabis dispensary?

ATM Money Machine has you covered. We understand that marijuana banking laws are constantly changing and the need to have an ATM is extremely important. ATM Money Machine will provide you with the most reliable options to have cash readily available for your cannabis dispensary customers. ATM Money Machine is a nationwide provider of ATMs, and services marijuana dispensaries across the country. ATM Money Machine will work with your cannabis dispensary to tailor the best ATM solution for your business. We offer both a cannabis dispensary placement option as well as the option where your cannabis dispensary owns the ATM.

Full Service Cannabis Dispensary Option

  • We provide brand new, state-of-the-art ATM(s)
  • We provide the cash for the ATM(s)
  • We monitor the ATM(s) 24/7
  • All maintenance is included free of cost
  • We split the profits with you

Purchase Option for Cannabis Dispensary

  • Low cost purchasing options
  • We provide installation/programming
  • You set your surcharge
  • You keep all the profits off of the ATM
  • Full monitoring access to your ATM
ATM Money Machine can help you decide which solution is best for your cannabis dispensary. We understand it’s very difficult to accept credit or debit cards at marijuana dispensaries, and even when it’s possible it can become extremely costly. That’s why ATM Money Machine has tailored solutions just for cannabis dispensaries. We provide ATM solutions for marijuana dispensaries in all 50 states. Contact us today to learn more!

Cannabis Dispensary ATM FAQ:

What are the ATM options for my Cannabis Dispensary?

We offer two different ATM programs for cannabis dispensaries. We offer a full service ATM solution, where we place the ATM in the cannabis dispensary and handle every aspect of the ATM. With our full service solution we provide brand new, state-of-the-art ATM(s), the cash for the ATM(s), 24/7 monitoring of the ATM(s), and all maintenance of the ATM(s). We provide everything, and also split the profits with you! We offer this program in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Washington DC, Maryland, and Delaware. Another popular ATM solution is where the cannabis dispensary purchases the ATM machine, and keeps all the profits off of the ATM. With the purchasing option we provide installation/programming, you set your surcharge, you keep all the profits off of the ATM, and you have full monitoring access to your ATM. With both options, your cannabis dispensary will have an ATM available on site so customers can withdraw cash to use for their purchase. ATM Money Machine will help assist your marijuana dispensary in deciding which ATM solution is best for you.

Why does my Cannabis Dispensary need an ATM machine?

Although there are states that have legalized marijuana dispensaries, cannabis is still considered illegal at a federal level. Due to this, federal regulations make it virtually impossible for cannabis dispensaries to process credit cards. Because credit card processing is federally regulated, they do not allow transactions taking place from marijuana dispensaries. While there are some “cashless ATM” options, there’s been a major crackdown and often times these options are shut down without any warning. Most recently, Visa has issued warnings that they will shut down any and all cashless ATM transactions. Banks are also federally regulated, so there’s virtually no reliable workaround for credit card processing or deposits. Therefore, the only reliable and completely legal option for cannabis dispensaries currently is being cash only. In order to make this easy for customers, having an ATM on site is a must! With an ATM at the marijuana dispensary, the customer always has a way to get cash.

Are there any legal concerns to be aware of with having an ATM in my dispensary?

No, because ATM processing is very different than credit card processing. With credit card processing the transaction is between the customer and the cannabis dispensary. ATM transactions are between the customer and his/her bank or credit card company. The customer is simply taking their money out of their bank account. Your cannabis dispensary has absolutely nothing to do with the ATM transaction. The customer then can spend the cash from the ATM however they’d like. The only requirement to have an ATM is that the cannabis dispensary is legal by state law. Having an ATM in your marijuana dispensary is the most reliable option available! Having an ATM in your cannabis dispensary allows you to be cash only, and keep your customers happy at the same time!

What type of ATM should I place in my Cannabis Dispensary?

We carry and sell and provide every major manufacturer of ATM. We can discuss the capacity amount that would best serve your cannabis dispensary as well as ATM type. ATM Money Machine will help assist you in finding the best ATM option for your marijuana dispensary.

Does ATM Money Machine operate in my state?

We are a nationwide ATM provider. We service all 50 states. Our full service ATM cannabis dispensary option is available in a lot of states in the Northeast – New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington DC, and Delaware. Our ATM purchase option is available in all 50 states. Contact us today at 609-641-7300 to see what option is the best option for your cannabis dispensary!