ATM Money Machine's website is very helpful and as a new person in the business it helped me answer a lot of questions concerning the ATM business. The website help me choose the right program best suited for me and the ATM guide was very informative. Also, when I contacted atms4less.com the staff was [...]

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I came across this business a few years ago, and called ATM Money Machine for some help in getting into the ATM business. They helped me from step one, and now I am up to 10 ATM Machines. They have passed along free ATM leads on locations to me. They have the best customer [...]

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My company has 5 different convenience stores/gas stations. We eventually decided to operate our own ATM Machines, and ATM Money Machine helped us every step of the way. Not only did they have great prices, but their customer service was beyond superior. Every time we called, we spoke with a person, rather than then [...]

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ATM Money Machine has been extremely pleasant to work with. Their prompt service and friendly atmosphere are two of their many great traits as a company that make me feel confident that I can continue to grow my business.

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I contacted ATM Money Machine Inc. less than two years ago and didn't have a clue regarding owning/operating ATM machines. From that first day talking with Mr. Galvin, ATM Money Machine Inc. has had the best customer service from troubleshooting to ordering supplies. From top to bottom this company has a great crew. The ladies [...]

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As President and CEO of Player’s Club, it has been such a great pleasure dealing with ATM Money Machine.  I would like to take this opportunity and say thanks to all of you for your support and kindness. I have dealt with a few ATM companies before and their service and professionalism is no match to your [...]

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I am very proud to recommend the services of ATM Money Machine, Inc. ParkeBank has utilized their services since we opened more than 12 years ago. The company has consistently provided us with excellent, and most important, prompt personal service. We receive a multitude of alternative products and services that we can select from, [...]

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I have had the pleasure of working with Larry Galvin and ATM Money Machine for the past 10 years. ATM Money Machine is an extremely flexible and professional organization. They have been a single point of contact for all our seasonal ATM needs. They work around our irregular show schedule and provide timely accounting. [...]

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I highly recommend the services of ATM Money Machine, Inc. ABCO Federal Credit Union has utilized their services for more than 7 years. As a financial institution, it is critical that we provide excellent service and products to our members. The products and services provided by ATM Money Machine are supported by an excellent [...]

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"My experience with ATM Money Machine has been very good. Larry Galvin and Meghan Stamelos, along with their very courteous staff, has supported me getting started along with building my business. We have developed a very good and respectful business relationship and would recommend anyone who is looking to purchase a machine to contact [...]

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